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Photography Print Pricing

Photography print pricing is in addition to the sitting fee, and prints may be ordered online using the Contact Us e-mail form.


Please indicate the proof/image name and the requested package or print size.


In addition to the packages below, single sheets may be ordered for $10.00 for your choice of  1- 8x10 or 8x12, 2 - 5x7s, or 8-Wallets.  Proof sets with 1 4x6 of up to 15 images are available for $25.00.  

Love it Package

Designed to share with the friends and relatives, for $25 you receive the following prints of the same image.


2 - 8X10 or 8X12 Prints

4 - 5X7 Prints

4 - 4X6 Prints

8 - Wallets

Like It Package

For the family to keep, and a few to share/trade, for $15 you receive the following prints of the same image.


1 - 8X10 or 8X12 Prints

2 - 5X7 Prints

8 - Wallets

Canvas Prints

(Custom Priced)

Preserve the moment, and capture these images on a custom canvas print to hang in your home or office for years to come.


Canvas Prints are available with or without frames in a variety of sizes and price points.


Sample Pricing:


16X20 = $75.00, Framed = $105.00

20X30 = $100.00, Framed = $145.00

Collage Prints

Can't pick just one pose?  


Collage prints are available from 5X7 size up through full size posters.


Sample Pricing:


5X7 Collage = $10.00

8X10 or 8X12 = $15.00

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