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Ginger Garvey - GG

Owner and Founder

Hi there!


I am Ginger Garvey, or GG as I’ve been nicknamed most recently – friend, mother, sister, daughter, business owner, employee, service provider, teacher, cook, photographer, and there is very little that I am not interested in and that I have not tried at one point or another.  At the core I’m just another person trying to get the most out of my time here on Earth.


This is my happy place - welcome... 


While I have significant academic and business experience and credentials, brand development and management is a passion.  It is something you have to feel before you know - something you have to experience to know it is right.  It is about choices and preferences.


I can ask you the questions, I can show you techniques, I can help you with tactical activities, but your brand is yours - and yours alone. 


We live in a wonderful time.  There is such diversity in our world.  You can and will find others like you - however it is that you are.  Brand creation is a discovery process, a journey - and one I'm happy to guide you through...


Success is yours to define.  Are we going after a niche market?  Appealing to a main stream segment? Do you want growth in depth? financial success? variety of clientele and/or experience?


I can't wait to get started!


If you are not quite sure about us working together, please subscribe to our newsletter.  I will be sharing tips, tricks and ideas for business use and personal benefit.


After a brand is established, managing and growing your brand will build a tangible asset.  Strategic planning for your brand will be the next step.  Setting goals, measing progress, implementing enhancments and corrective actions are all part of a strong brand management discipline.


I look forward to sharing with you.




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