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Sample Branding Projects

A custom consultative approach allows us to create the right engagement to meet your needs.
Branding Services

Brand Development - custom consulting services to provide you with what you need for your business, product or service.  (May include logo designs and color selection.)


Branding Strategy - what are the goals for your brand?  Awareness, improved image, new image, and on what scale?  Local, National, Online.  We will sit down and review what you have and what you need and make a clear recommendation based on your company/product specifics. 


Brand Management - ongoing support is available for your brand to help you implement a plan and stay on track.

Branding Projects

Event Marketing - from understanding how you can make the most from your involvement in a community or industry event up to and including full event planning and marketing - we can help.


Brand Assessment - what is your current strategy and how is it performing?  Understanding what measurement tools are available to ensure your branding and marketing budget is being spent wisely to accomplish your goals is key.


Brand Merchandising - whether it is hats, t-shirts, pens, or other unique items how can we help get your brand out there, and possibly create a revenue stream, just from your brand!

Personal Branding


​​Senior/Professional Portraits - a first step in thinking about who you are, and who you are becoming. Custom photo sessions highlight your unique style and brand.


Social Media Review - providing you with a write up of what our social media experts found online and the impression you are making.


Social Media Strategy  - specific strategies and tactics to enhance your online image - your personal brand.

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